The Blog.

The Tourist Trap.

Recently I read an article called The Seven Lies of Living Cross Culturally. It is a fantastic piece about the potential pitfalls of living as a foreigner; however, while the author’s observations […]

All Good Things....

After five months of living exactly where I’d dreamed of living (meaning Anywhere, Florida) the last thing I wanted to do was leave. It didn’t help that we had just […]

The B Word.

Sometimes the very thing you’ve avoided doing becomes exactly the thing you must do. For me, that thing was writing a blog. I love to write. I love to tell stories. […]

My Name Is Bob

Jumping into full-time RVing was an easy decision with one exception: how do we maintain a sense of belonging to a community with most of our friends and family living in […]

Grey Sail.

The best part of visiting nearly 200 breweries around the country has been meeting the amazing people of craft beer. Most brewers start at home with a passion for creating high-quality beer using kits given […]

Sam and Jill

We met this amazing couple at the Pumpkin Patch in Maine. Their names aren’t Sam and Jill, but they asked that I keep their names private so let’s assume they […]

Our Maine Beer Trail

       On August 1, 2014, we spent our 21st anniversary at Thompson Point in Portland, Maine attending Beer Camp. As craft beer enthusiasts, it was serendipity that this event coincided […]

Too far?

Yesterday we met a sweet young lady working at the Rockland Breakwater Light. Warm and welcoming, she enthusiastically spoke of the Open Lighthouse Day event that drew more visitors than […]